Sophie’s opinion on Volume 1

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🌿 First of all I would like to thank @coralielaurentauteur for sending ! A beautiful discovery.

🌿 “The Protective Premium, the Fall of the Fortification, Volume 1 : The Beginning” – Coralie Laurent

🌿 For a first novel, she does very well, the plot is captivating and rather well crafted. We think we know what will happen but surprisingly she surprises us by taking another path. An encounter that changes everything I had imagined.

🌿 Let’s talk a little about heroin :

June became a protective premium upon her father’s death. She goes on an adventure with her best friend and his dog Souy. On her way to save her people she meets a stranger John. A man who is not really what he seems.

June is a strong woman, born to lead. She is stubborn and does not let herself be done easily. In addition, she has important powers, which allows her to defend herself when she manages to control them. But magic always comes at a cost…

🌿 In this first volume, there is little action. The author preferred to take the time to explain her universe, and the characteristics of the different protagonists. Which is good in one sense but on the other hand it weighs down the reading, the explanations are sometimes too long. She lays down the wheels of her plot.

Volume 1 is 200 pages long, it reads quickly.

🌿 I really like the plot, we want to know more about June and John, what will happen next to their relationship? What if she manages to save her world ? But to have the answer to his questions you have to read volume 2 😉 that I will start with this step because I do not like to wait.