Presentation of the Doméraginaire exhibition (Imaginary salon) and its authors…

My second participation in a fair of the imaginary !

This over two days in the middle of Halloween !

An enriching experience!

The opportunity to talk with other authors, to exchange on different universes…

The public was not very present, but those who made the trip were very warm ! As well as the Domérat Festival Committee !

For a first show implemented by this city, everyone saw a few books leave in good hands…

They will find their place with their new owners, SFFF fans and those who wanted to live new adventures !

Small bonus, I was one of the guests of honor !

TWO local newspapers relayed this event, my name is even mentioned ! Come on, I present you the articles.

First article from the city and its surroundings :

Second article from the Journal LA MONTAGNE !

On the newspaper of La Montagne :

More than forty authors and twelve publishers will be at the appointment of the first Imaginary Festival, at the Albert-Poncet municipal center, with a Halloween evening on Saturday evening.

And my name !