Portrait in the Journal des Yerrois February 2023

In addition to having an insert in the Journal des Yerrois in September 2022, I had the opportunity to get a portrait in this month of February ! At the time of my visit to the “Librairie Au Pain De 4 Livres” a bookstore .

A double page relating “the power of imagination” and the desire to tell a story, not without reflections, through Fantasy !

This visual is splendid, I thank again the communication department and Mr Degradi for this presentation that addresses my fantasy saga, the Protective Prime, and its main quest. Prevent a “Black War” from plunging the world into chaos !

Not an easy task !

To try to achieve this, the young sovereign must go in search of a magical artifact, The White Vial.

In this quest, magic will gradually take its place, June Ahra will meet enemies, friends, mysterious beings and maybe also love…