Jérémie’s opinion on Volume 2

Reading review : The protective premium, volume 2 : Rochana

Today I will tell you about volume 2 of @coralielaurentauteur‘s novel, I really did not wait long before immersing myself in this reading. Indeed, as I was able to say for volume 1, the reading is really very fluid, the sentences and pages scroll alone with a lot of lightness. ✨🍃

Summary :

« Continuation of the saga and adventures of our heroes! June Ahra continues her quest with her new sidekick and chosen one of her soul, John Raineure, in the direction of Rochana. This wolf-man who loves Life as much as the Protective Premium. Yet obstacles accumulate along the way. Like the sect of the Mentor, the mysterious Master of Darkness, and Rochana. This unknown territory that she will have to tame in one way or another to get the magic artifact that could save them all… »


In this second volume we follow the adventures of June (Prime Protector) to Rochana in the company of John.

Volume 2 puts much more emphasis on the romantic relationship that is created between the two characters. Not really being a big fan of romance stories, I had a little more trouble with this second volume. Nevertheless, and to my delight there was in my opinion a little more action/battle in this one. The action scenes are really well described, and the different characters (and creatures) that participate in them are really interesting. 👌🏾☺️ Despite the romance (but it’s a matter of taste), I was really very curious on every page and once the book was finished…

I absolutely want a sequel ! Still brave Coralie 👏🏾☺️