Jérémie’s opinion on Volume 1

Reading notice : The protective premium, volume 1 : The beginning :

First of all, I really want to thank @coralielaurentauteur for sending this book, and the exchanges we were able to have. Behind this pen hides a really nice and smiling person, I strongly advise you to take the time to read his books, and if the opportunity arises to discuss a little with the author. ✨☺️👌🏾

Summary :

“Barely crowned and having to face the fall of the magical fortification, June Ahra will go in search of the White Vial, the artifact to stop the collapse of the only real protection separating the two countries and avoid a new Black War.

The latter having found twenty years earlier only the only way out is the construction of an extraordinary enclosure, composed of a mixture of black magic and white magic then followed by a stone wall studded with invisible magic, holding back the Shadow Men and their devotees…”

I was really very pleasantly surprised by this reading; not only by the fluidity of words and sentences, but also by the turn of events and actions. Indeed, if you like fantasy, it is very likely that this kind of story is not unknown to you, it is really classic. However, each new chapter brings its share of novelties and several characters appear as they go. 👌🏾

The dialogues are excellent, there is really no feeling of heaviness and each page turns lightly. It was really a very pleasant read, the universe in which Coraline plunges us is really well described without doing too much either (there is just what it takes). 📝

The first volume makes us discover quietly this fantastic world and its inhabitants, it leaves us in the company of the main character June, whom we follow from beginning to end in his quest to Rochana in search of a magical vial.

✨🍃 We want to know the rest of his adventure, and to know a little more about the new relationship that emerges between June and John. I did not wait long and I immediately devoured volume 2, the chronicle will follow quickly. 👏🏾