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Discover today Coralie Laurent, author of “The Protective Premium – Volume III – The White Flask” in the Journal des Yerrois.

Summary :

June Ahra, the ruler of Center Life known to her subjects as the Protector Bounty, is trying to save her kingdom from collapse. At the cost of many dangers, she is now in possession of the White Vial, an artifact that is the source of powerful powers. Many magicians have given their lives to deposit every ounce of their enchantments in this bottle that has become so sacred. But as the darkness continues to gain ground, how will the young Queen return to the precincts of her country ? Will it reach the fortifications in time ? How far will the duty to protect and maintain peace take June ? The preservation of life at the risk of one’s own…

Editor’s review :

Meet the queen of Center Life, June Ahra in this third installment of the “The Protective Premium” saga.

June continues her quest for life while battling the growing darkness. Will she be able to save the world ?

Happy reading to all !