Dedications session on April 13, 2024 in Strasbourg

Dedications session in the morning at the Cultura in Geispolsheim and in the afternoon at the Librairie l’Escapade in Strasbourg (67).

This day of April 13 was exceptional in many ways. Two dedications sessions in one day! 🙂

All under beautiful spring weather !

The first was in Cultura and this moment will remain in the memory ! A new and very enriching experience with many caring people around me ! A lot of joy…

Thank you very much to this Cultura space, to the people of Strasbourg and close neighbours. Delicious moments.


Second session, at the bookstore, where the imagination reigns supreme !

Specializing only in SFFF (Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Fantasy), you could find everything ! Including me for the afternoon 🙂

This moment, almost out of time, allowed us to meet and discuss with fans from all these universes.

A pleasant memory, filled with books of all kinds, which make you dream…

PS : The bonus ! A fan/friend with whom we have been following each other for a while now and who came to see me. An incredibly nice and pleasant exchange, which led to a magnificent video from this administrator and her co-administrator who created Seeds of Optimism (Graines d’Optimisme) on Instagram and Facebook ! Wellness growers and optimistically dedicated to their mission : to make the world a little more playful while learning !

It’s a shame it’s a bit far but if I can I’ll comeback to Strasbourg !!! Yes…



Beautiful city, beautiful region, beautiful tastings, and more… To be discovered 😉