Dedications session in Anet on 06 May 2023

Dedications session at Espace E. Leclerc d’Anet (28 Eure-et-Loir).

Second session in this cultural space and always as much joy to come-back !

A day that took place under the greyness and yet, warmth, sun and good atmosphere reigned in this cultural space.

A signing session in the land of the Avengers !

In addition to having superheroes by my side, I had the pleasure of having a long exchange with a father and his daughter. This young lady also wants to write. A moment like a tennis lesson, where, without downtime but with a lot of benevolence, questions and answers flowed.

Good times that will stay.

Thank you dear Anetais, Anetaises, as well as their close neighbors, for your warm welcome.

See you again !