Dedications session at Carré Sénart on November 18, 2023

Dedications session at the FNAC in Carré Sénart (77 Seine-et-Marne).

Back to the FNAC in Carré Sénart where I am always very well received and where a lot of enthusiasm flows from everywhere ! It was a very pleasant and warm moment !

And in the middle of Black Friday ! To tell you that there were people in the aisles…

Many exchanges around my novels, questions about the sequel planned after the release of Volume 3 scheduled for January and an excellent atmosphere.

I had the right to be announced on the microphone, it’s always extremely touching.

I am delighted to have come to meet the people of Lieusaint and their close neighbours !

I hope we’ll meet again in 2024 for even more adventures…

See you next time !