Dedications in Yerres on February 11 2023

Dedications session at the Librairie Au Pain De 4 livres in Yerres (91 Essonne).

An exceptional morning, spent discussing and selling my novels in the city where I live.

A very nice event, in a beautiful bookstore and beautiful meetings.

Many people were present on this market day, wanting to come and meet me.

It must be said that I had the opportunity to have a portrait in the newspaper of the city and many noticed.

Moments I won’t forget.

Thank you dear Yerrois and Yerroises for your warm welcome.

See you againb !

PS : I had the honor of seeing Mrs. Dominique Renonciat, municipal councillor in charge of culture and relations with high schools. Madame Renonciat took the time to discuss my novels, my career, the cultural life of the city. I thank her for her kindness and her desire to help the Yerrois in their artistic adventures !