Dedications in Vernon on October 8, 2022

Dedication session at the Espace E. Leclerc in Vernon.

A special day since it was the imaginary fair « Terres d’Imaginaire » (Lands of imagination) and the very first for me !

We were 18 authors all from the world of SFFF (Science-Fiction, fantastic and Fantasy). From youth, to young adults and adults, there were all possible tastes and choices.

My novels had their little success among this crowd and I am happy to have participated in this event.

Thank you Vernonais.

At the next show !

Presentation on the video of the event !

On Saturday, October 8 from 9am, the E. LECLERC center in Vernon will host for its second edition the book fair TERRES D’IMAGINAIRE (Lands of imagination) around fantasy, fantastic and science-fiction.

Every day, get to know the authors who will sign that day. 📖🖋

💭Coralie Laurent, whether small, teenager, or adult, has always seen her grandmother with a novel in her hand. Romance novels had his preference but our author chose to write Fantasy. Thus was born the saga La Prime Protectrice. The author takes us into a whirlwind of adventure, magic and feelings.

It is true that she likes to escape into imaginary worlds calling for all possibilities and sometimes, too, a little love ! She also devours literature, contemporary novels, crime novels. A mix of everything.