Dedications in Saint-Denis-lès-Sens on March 04 2023

Dedication session at the E. Leclerc cultural space in Saint-Denis-lès-Sens in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region (89).

Not far from the city of Sens, very beautiful by its various architectures, another place caught my attention.

A very warm, very beautiful, very diverse place, allowing all audiences to come and find their happiness.

It was a great time spent, in particular, chatting with SF/Fantasy enthusiasts !

Exchanges on the worlds they enjoyed and the one I proposed in return.

Many people loved my books and I thank them for these magical moments !

Thank you Saint-Denisiens.

PS : There is an error in the video, finally on the signing table, it’s up to you to find it ! (Our version of where Charlie is!)

For those who don’t want to search or can’t find it, look below the video and follow the arrow…



Spoiler alert !