Dedications at Carré-Sénart on March 11 2023

An unforgettable moment spent at the FNAC of Carré Sénart de Lieusaint (77 Seine et Marne).

There were a lot of people on this Saturday. Among all this crowd, I had the opportunity to meet many enthusiasts of the worlds of the imagination, including Fantasy !

Many interesting questions were asked to me and it is always with pleasure that I have tried to answer them.

Two anecdotes :

The first, my novels were placed directly in the Fantasy department with big names in the field for a few weeks !

The second, I found a young woman seen during my first visit. She came to walk around the shelves with her friends. Conquered by my novel, she had not been able to take it at that time.  That’s how she ran straight towards me when she saw me ! An incredible moment, which touched us both. Her friends were also moved and it was to all three that I dedicated my first volume to them.

I conclude by thanking all those who have made this adventure possible.

See you again !