Advertising made by the Fnac of Carré-Sénart Lieusaint !

A great moment of joy when I saw the advertising made by the Fnac of Carré-Sénart Lieusaint !

Finding yourself on the Fnac website in the Literature Event section was a balm to the heart.

For a few weeks we feel the interest in his novels and we are more eager to meet people !

I thank again the Fnac of Carré-Sénart Lieusaint for its interest in my fantasy saga, La Prime Protectrice, and for its promotion !

See you soon !

Presentation on the publication :

The author will sign her books “La Prime Protectrice” (The Protective Premium) 1 and 2 at FNAC Carré-Sénart

On Saturday, October 8 from 9am, the E. LECLERC center in Vernon will host for its second edition the book fair TERRES D’IMAGINAIRE (Lands of imagination) around fantasy, fantasy and science-fiction.

Every day, get to know the authors who will sign that day.

Coralie Laurent, whether small, teenager, or adult, has always seen her grandmother with a novel in her hand. Romance novels had his preference but our author chose to write Fantasy. Thus was born the saga La Prime Protectrice. The author takes us into a whirlwind of adventure, magic and feelings.

It is true that she likes to escape into imaginary worlds calling for all possibilities and sometimes, too, a little love ! She also devours literature, contemporary novels, crime novels. A mix of everything.

“La Prime Protectrice” (The Protective Premium) 1 and 2

Barely crowned and facing the fall of the magical fortification, June Ahra will go in search of the White Vial, the artifact to stop the collapse of the only real protection separating the two countries and avoid a new Black War.

Twenty years earlier, the latter having found only as a way out the construction of an extraordinary enclosure, composed of a mixture of black magic and white magic and then followed by a stone wall wrapped in invisible magic, holding back the Shadow Men and their devotees …