Dedications session on January 27, 2024 in Anet

Dedications session at the Espace E. Leclerc Anet (28 Eure-et-Loire).

Return to the Centre-Val de Loire.

It was a very pleasant and warm moment, especially since I was coming for the first time with the third volume of my heroic fantasy saga ! The White Vial was just released on January 23rd !!!

Lots of exchanges around my novels, questions about the planned sequel such as “Will you continue or is it a trilogy ?”. I’m going to keep going folks !!!

By the way, a nice couple who live near Anet came to buy me volume three on purpose, knowing that I was coming ! I was very moved.

And the emotions didn’t stop yoyoing with me, when a friend from Instagram came to introduce herself and took my books from me so I could read them !

Joy and tears in the corner of your eye 🙂

A memorable day that I will never forget…

I’m delighted to have come-back to meet the Anétais and their neighbours !

We’ll meet again.

See you soon !